Will There Be One Punch Man Season 3? Release Date and Production (updated in 2022)

One Punch Man Manga

The writer of one punch man is one and the manga is drawn by Yusuke Murata.  Saitama is the hero of this wonderful OPM anime story. The story revolves around Saitama who has built traits of superhuman and was able to get any joy with the help of his power. At the same time, he also suffers from an existential dilemma.

General FAQ’s About One Punch Man Manga

Is there any confirmation about the release date of season 3 one punch man?

The official release date of this anime season (OPM3) has not been confirmed yet.

Will there be season 3 of one punch man or not?

If yes, then

what will be the one punch man season 3 release date?

Here is every detail that we are having regarding the release date and happening of one punch man season 3 in 2022.

The story of the anime series “one punch man” that is also famous as Wanpanman in Japanese is based upon a successful manga.

Who made one punch man?

The writer of one punch man is one and the manga is drawn by Yusuke Murata.

The fans of one punch man are loving the series because of its parody element. So, the question about season 3 is no more wonder.

Who animated one punch man Season 1 and Season 2?

Season 1 was animated by Madhouse and OPM season 2 was animated by J.C.staff.

Who is tornado in one punch man?

Tatsumaki who is also known as Tornado is the S-class Rank 2 hero of the series.

How many seasons are there in one punch man?

The series “one punch man” has two seasons released yet. There has come one original video animation about Saitama one punch man. So, there is no update about one punch man s3 yet.

OPM has been one of the most popular anime around. Its first OVA was released in 2012. All the original video animations are present on DVD.

How many episodes of one punch man are there?

There were 12 episodes in one punch man season 1, and the season was premiered in December 2015 in Japan. After then the series has intense fan love and reaction, that’s why fans are hoping for season 3.

one punch man season 3

Will there be One punch man Season 3?

Two main factors that will determine the existence of season 3- one punch man are

  • Availability of resource material
  • Business or profit of previous two seasons

The resource material for one punch man is manga, which highly determines the release of next season.

How many volumes of one punch man are there?

There are 24 total tonkobons volumes of the manga. 23 volumes have been republished in English.

Is one punch man manga over?

The fantastic series “OPM anime” doesn’t seem to be ending.

The writer of manga, Yusuke Murata has published the latest volume in Japan on 3rd December 2021.

Where to watch one punch man season 2?

You can watch one punch man season 2 on Netflix, even on Tubi Tv for free.

What is the release date of one punch man volume 25?

The date has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected in the first mid of 2022.

Which volume should be read after season 2 of one punch man?

Volume 17 must be read after the second season.

So much exciting and amazing had happened in season 2, especially Garou the Hunter Hero, and the advent of the Monster Association.

Season 3 is expected to have a lot of manga anime, monster anime and a surprise character of Tatsumaki as well. It will be a mind-blowing season for sure. 

Here is the link to volume 17 of one punch man manga. One Punch Man Manga Volume 17 in English.

The first season is consisted of 1 to 8 volumes and the second season has 1 to 9 volumes. So, it is expected that season 3 will use volumes 17 to 24.

A lot of fantastic content of one punch man is expected in 2022.

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One punch man’s sales and profits

How many copies of the one punch man manga sell?

Volume 15 of one punch man manga sold 750,000 copies and volume 23 sold 375,000 copies. There is a decline in sales. The reason of the decline may be because of digital sales but mostly it is due to the slow-release process.

How many copies are there of one punch man manga in print?

Till 01/12/2021, there were 25,000,000 printed copies of one punch man.

One punch man is one of the top 70 anime series.

What is the number of merchandises for one punch man?

The number of figurines is 135 which is good enough, and the number of merchandises for this series is 900.

Only 20% of the anime series cross this number.

Saitama and Tatsumaki are stunning characters while Genos Premium Figure are the coolest one.

Now it’s clear that these seasons made huge money for the third season.

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one punch man season 3

One punch man season 3 Release Date

When is one punch man season 3 coming out?

Till January 2022, there is no update about the release date of season 3. Hopefully, we will get some news about the release date of season 3 in 2022.

Most expected and the earliest release date of season 3 is October 2022.

As we have already discussed, there are enough resources available for season 3. The previous two seasons made a huge amount of money.

So time is the only matter for the third season. I don’t believe we will see it before 2023.

one punch man season 3 release date

Usually, it takes 1 to 2 years for a series to release a new season. So 2022 or early 2023 seems the right date for the release of season 3.

Hopefully, one punch man season will have good animation and improve the overall quality of anime adaptation.

I think OPM season 3 will not be as good as season 1 but it would be animated quite better than one punch man season 2.

This is why I am expecting 2023 as the release date. I hope this time the production committee will not compromise on the animation quality.

If you want to see season three, check out one punch main anime merch or one punch man manga.

One punch man season 3 Trailer

There is no update about the trailer of season 3 or season 4 but will give an update if I will get a release date from the official one punch man Twitter account.

Is one punch man good?

Yes, this is really a good show to watch, I would highly recommend you watch the series once.

Here is the trailer one punch man season 1.


One punch man Character, cast, and Anime staff 

One Punch Man Character and cast

Character Voice Actor
Saitama Makoto Furukawa
Genos Kaito Ishikawa
Bang Kazuhiro Yamaji
Garou Hikaru Midorikawa
King Hiroki Yasumoto
Tatsumaki Aoi Yuuki

Anime Staff 

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Shingo Natsume, Chikara Sakurai
Series Composition, Script Tomohiro Suzuki
Character Design Shuuhei Handa
Studio Madhouse, J.C.Staff

one punch man manga


I would conclude there will be one punch man season 3. We can expect October 2022 as the earliest release date of one punch man.  We have to learn more about one punch man in 2022.

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