Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2?

No game no life season 2 is yet to be confirmed, there is no update about the happening or the cancellation of the new season.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life anime, known as Nō Gēmu Nō Raifu in Japanese, is based on a successful light novel. Yū Kamiya is the writer and illustrator of No game no life. . Story is an amazing shounen-action anime series with gaming elements.

Story revolves around two main characters Shiro and Sora. They are step siblings who are known as unbeatable gamers. Tet who was a god from another reality offered them to play chess with him.

FAQ’s No Game No life

Is there any confirmation about No game No life season 2 release date?

The official release date of No game No life season 2 has not been confirmed yet.

How many episodes of No game No life season 1 are there?

There were 12 episodes in No game No life season 1, and the season was premiered in from April to June 2014 in Japan. A movie No Game No Life: Zero was also released in 2017.

No Game No Life: Zero is a fun movie, but not a sequel to the first season. It’s a prequel movie to the whole series.

Will there be No game no life season 2?

Two main factors that will determine the existence of No game no life are

  • Availability of resource material
  • Business or profit of previous season 

The resource material for No game no life is manga, which highly determines the release of next season.

How many volumes of No Game No Life are there?

Till February 2022, 11 volumes have been published for Noragami anime series.

There also exists no game no life manga. The manga has only two volumes from 2013 and 2018. A side series titled No Game No Life, Please! was also released as a manga, but it already ended in 2017.

Is The No Game No Life Light Novel Still Going?

The fantastic light novel “No game no life” doesn’t seem to be ending.

The writer of manga, Yuu Kamiya (clockwork planet) has published the latest volume in Japan on 25 November, 2021.

Two manga volumes was released in 2013 and 2018.

What is the release date of No game no Life volume 12?

The release date of NGNL has not been confirmed yet but it is expected at the end of 2022.

No Game No Life light novel After the First Season?

Volume 4 must be read after the second season.

So much exciting and amazing things had happened in season 2.

Here is the link to volume 4 of No game of life manga, No Game No Life light novel Volume 4 in English*.

The first season is consisted of 1 to 3 volumes, so it is expected that season 2 will cover volume 4-7 most expectedly.

A lot of fantastic content of No game No life is expected in 2022 and the if all the volumes of manga will be adopted into seasons we can expect three more seasons.

No Game No Life Profitability for season 2

More than 90% of the anime series do not get a release date because of the lack of money. Let’s check how much money or profit is earned by season 1, that will provide basis for season 2,

How well did the No Game No Life Blu-ray sell?

No game No life sold 8,800 copies per disk of season 1. That’s a pretty good number.

These numbers are only for Japan, excluding English release of No Game No Life Blu-ray*.

How well does the No Game No Life light novel sell?

Volume 10 of No Game No life manga sold 165,000 copies and volume 11 sold 85,000 copies. There is a decline in sales. The reason of the decline may be because of digital sales but mostly it is due to the slow-release process.

Many series used to sell 100,000 per one volume. 

How many copies does No Game No Life have in print?

Till  2021/08/19, there were 6,000,000 printed copies of Noragami.

Fortunately, No game no life is even among of the top 40anime series.

How much money did the movie make at the box office?

The box office for the No Game No Life: Zero movie is 700,000,000 Japanese Yen. That’s around 6 million dollars.

A box office of 6 million dollars is great for a series based on a light novel with just one season to promote it.

The movie also sold almost 45,000 copies of Blu-ray, which is also a fantastic number for a film.

How much merchandise is there for No Game No Life?

The number of figurines is 55 which is actually good, and the number of merchandises for this series is 5500, that is quite a good number. 

Only 20% of the anime series cross this number.

Check out the cool figurines including Shiro,* Shiro Sniper* and Jibril (Great War Version)*.

Now it’s clear that the series did not made huge money for the third season.

If you are a fan of No game no life, please check No Game No Life merchandise*.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of No Game No Life?

Season 2 is expected to proceed the story forward, but the chances for happening of season 2 are very high and it is only the matter of time now.

Fans are waiting for No game no life Season 2 episode 1, and whether it will be released on either Crunchyroll, Funimation, or even Netflix.

No Game No Life Season 2 Trailer

There is no update about the trailer of No Game No life  season 2 or season 3 but will give an update if I will get a release date from the official No Game No Life Twitter account.

Here I am attaching trailer of No Game no Life season 1.

No Game No Life Characters, Cast & anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Shiro Ai Kayano
Sora Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Stephanie Youko Hikasa
Izuna Miyuki Sawashiro
Jibril Yukari Tamura
Chlammy Yuka Iguchi

II. anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Atsuko Ishizuka
Series Composition, Script Jukki Hanada
Character Design Yuu Kamiya
Studio Madhouse


I would conclude that soon there will be No Game No life season 2. We can expect October 2022 as the earliest release date of Season 3, I will update you guys accordingly. 

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