Will There Be Darker Than Black Season 3?

Let’s have a complete analysis of facts and figures to predict the happening of Darker than Black Season 3

Darker than black Plot summary

The anime series Darker Than Black, known as Dākā Zan Burakku -Kuro no Keiyakusha in Japanese, was first announced in December 2006, and its first trailer was released in March 2007. Tensai Okamura is the creator and director of the story.

The series has amazing supernatural thriller and mystery elements that fans really love about the story. It follows a contractor codenamed Hei also called a black reaper in the underground world. Hei, like his associates, undertakes missions for the mysterious and ruthless Syndicate.

FAQs about Darker than black

How many seasons of Darker than black is there?

The series “Darker than black anime” has two seasons released yet. There has come 4 original video animation about each chapter of darker than black. Tensai Okamura the director Bones did the animation of the series.

How many episodes of Darker than black is there?

There were 25 episodes in Darker than black season 1, and the season was premiered on April 6, 2007, in Japan. Darker than Black Season 2 that was aired on October 9, 2009, is having 12 episodes. After then the series has intense fan love and reaction, that’s why fans are hoping for season 3.

Will there be Darker Than Black Season 3?

If we look at all the facts and figures, it seems that Darker than Black season 3 will never happen, as the writer has not released any update about new season after 2010. It’s being 12 years and unfortunately, season 3 is not insight. There are many problems when there comes the question about the release of season 3. The major problem is the series has very old franchise. If we compare the anime story and animations with today’s anime series, darker than black looks very bad.

Tensai Okamura, the director and original originator of the series, has left Bones. Director and the cast are already busy with new anime series, so there are very low chances for the happening of season 3.

Darker than black season 3

Darker Than Black Season 3 Release Date

Till there is no news related to the release of Season 3. As I have already discussed previous seasons did not made good business and its being 12 years there is no update about the season 3, so now there exists no question about season 3.

But we cannot lose all hopes, we can still expect season 3 of darker than black, as the article was quite popular at its release time, and it also sold quite well. 

I will update you guys by updating this article accordingly if I will get any official news about Darker Than Black official website. Don’t lose hope about the release of season 3.

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Darker than black where to watch?

Darker than Black was available on funimation but then they did not renew the license. Now it is not available even on a single streaming platform. 

Darker Than Black Characters, Cast & Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Hei Hidenobu Kiuchi (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Huang Masaru Ikeda (Gegege no Kitarou (2018))
Misaki Nana Mizuki (Naruto)
Yin Misato Fukuen (My Hero Academia)
Amber Tomoko Kawakami (Aria the Avvenire)
Mao Ikuya Sawaki (One Piece)
April Takako Honda (Kara no Kyoukai)

II. Anime Staff

Director Tensai Okamura (Ao no Exorcist, Nanatsu no Taizai)
Series Composition, Script Shoutarou Suga (Dimension W, Rinne no Lagrange)
Character Design Yuji Iwahara (Dimension W, Sakugan)
Studio Bones (My Hero Academia)

Where Can You Watch Darker Than Black?

You cannot watch the series on  Funimation. At times, it was available on Funimation but they did not renew the license after then. It is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, or even Netflix.

Darker than Black

Darker Than Black Trailer

As there is no news about season 3, so there do not exist any trailer of season 3. Here I am attaching trailer of season 1 just to make you feel nostalgic.


Fans are anxiously waiting for season 3, but situation predicts that it will never happen. If there will be any news, I will keep you guys updated. The director, creator, cast, and staff left the studio. 


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