Will There Be Accel World Season 2?

Fans really loved the Accel world season 1 and are waiting for news about the happening of Accel world season 2. Let’s have a detailed discussion about the happening, cancellation and the release date of Accel world season 2. 

Accel World plot summary

The Accel World anime, known as Akuseru Wārudo in Japan, is based on a successful light novel. Reki Kawahara is the writer and Hima is the illustrator of the story. 

The series has amazing action sci-fi and virtual reality elements that fans really love about the story.

Haruyuki Arita is the main character of the story who is a over weight boy and he was ridiculed by some immoral delinquents of his high school. He was good at video games and his skill make him known to Kuroyukihime (“Black Snow Princess”). Kuroyukihime helped him against the bashing of delinquents. Both of them struggled together to reach level 10  of the brain burst and the Accelerated World.

FAQS about Accel World

How many seasons of Accel World are there?

Accel world has released only one season. Now fans are looking forward towards the release of season 2. 

There also came a sequel movie Infinite Burst that was premiered in 2016 is the continuation of season 1.

How many episodes of Accel World season 1 are there?

There were 24 episodes in accel world anime season 1, and the season was premiered in 2012 in Japan. Series has such a huge fan base, there is a movie and two OVAs available for the series.

Movie infinite burst is not really the continuation of season 1 as it adopted that material that would be expected in season 3 or 4. It is a kind of recap of season 1 and has a new footage of 40 minutes.

Will there be an Accel World Season 2?

Two main factors that will determine the existence of Accel World season 2 are

  • Availability of resource material
  • Business or profit of previous season 

The resource material for Accel World is manga, which highly determines the release of next season.

These two factors can help 95% to predict whether there will be a new season or not. So, lets just have a detailed analysis of these two points.

accel world season 2 release date

Accel World Season 2 Manga & Light Novel

How many volumes of Accel World are there?

Between February 10, 2009 to March 10, 2022, 26 light novel volumes have been published for accel world anime series. There also exists an accel world manga.

Is accel world light novel finished?

The fantastic light novel “Accel world” doesn’t seem to be ending.

The story is ongoing, in fact fans are expecting season 2.

The writer of manga, Kawahara Reki (Sword Art Online) has published the latest volume in Japan on March 10, 2022.

Accel World Volume 27 release date?

The release date of Wise Man’s Grandchild has not been confirmed yet but it is expected in the start of volume 27.

Where to start reading Accel world after the end of the first season?

Volume 5 must be read after the First season.

So much exciting and amazing things had happened in season 2.

The first season is consisted of 1 to 4 and volume 10, and the movie adopted some parts of volume 19 so it is expected that season 2 will cover volume 5-9 most expectedly.

A lot of fantastic content of Accel world is expected in 2022 and the if all the volumes of manga will be adopted into seasons we can expect three more seasons.

If you want to read the story after season when please start with Accel World Light Novel Volume 5 in English*.

Accel World

Profitability for Accel World season 2

More than 90% of the anime series do not get a release date because of the lack of money. Let’s check how much money or profit is earned by season 1, that will provide basis for season 2.

How Well Did The Accel World Blu-Ray Sell?

Accel world sold 9000 copies per disk of season 1. This is quite a good number and it do not includes English release of Accel World Blu-ray.

How well does The Accel World Light Novel Sell?

Volume 25 of accel world manga sold 45,000 copies and volume 26 sold 35,000 copies. There is a decline in sales. The reason of the decline may be because of digital sales but mostly it is due to the slow-release process.

Many series used to sell 80,000 per one volume. 

How many copies does Accel World have in print?

Till 2020/06/19, there were 5,700,000 printed copies of Accel world manga.

Fortunately, accel world manga is even among of the top 75 bestselling anime series and it also one of the top 30 anime series.

How much money did the movie make at the box office?

The movie earns 115,000,000 Japanese Yen or we can say 1 million dollars at box office. The film was only on 19 screens, and it was a half-recap.

Accel world

How well did the Accel World Games sell?

The first game, Ginyoku no Kakusei, sold around 30,000 copies. The second Accel World game, Kasoku no Chōten, did sell 20,000 copies.

Since there was a second game for this series, we can conclude that the first game sold well. Bandai Namco wouldn’t have made a second game if that wasn’t the case.

There is also an Accel World x Sword Art Online game. That game sold around 80,000 copies.

How Much Merchandise Is There for Accel World?

The number of figurines is 100 which is actually good, and the number of merchandises for this series is 250, that is also quite a good number. 

The series actually did an amazing job.

Accel World Season 2 Trailer

There is no update about the trailer of accel world season 2, but will give an update if I will get a release date from the Official Accel World Twitter account,

Here I am attaching trailer of accel world season 1.

Accel World Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Kuroyukihime Sachika Misawa
Haruyuki Yuki Kaji
Chiyuri Aki Toyosaki
Takumu Shintaro Asanuma
Yuniko Rina Hidaka
Fuuko Endou Aya

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Masakazu Obara
Series Composition, Script Masahiro Yokotani
Character Design Yukiko Aikyou
Studio Sunrise


Fans would really love if they will hear any news about the happening and the release date of season 2, but it seems as Accel world season 2 will never happen again, and the anime is finished. If someone wants to continue the story; I would recommend you reading the light novel. I will update the article, if I will get more information. 


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