About Us


AnimeSeasonGuide.com is a website that focuses on unique anime content concerning anime sequels and anything related to that topic. The primary goal of this website is to offer information about new anime seasons.

This website’s main category is Anime Continue. It contains information on a possible new season of anime series that fans are interested in seeing whether they will continue in the future.

The website may cover additional topics in the future. For now, new anime seasons remain the primary focus of AnimeSeasonGuide.

What Inspired The Creation Of AnimeSeasonGuide?

In early 2018, the concept of a website dedicated to new anime seasons emerged. I was looking for information about Accel World Season 2, and all I found were low-quality websites.

Worse, most articles included inaccurate information or were of little use.

I enjoy analyzing anime sales and popularity, so I figured I might help anyone who is seeking that type of information.

That’s why the first post on this website is Accel World Season 2.

Perhaps in the future, this website will include more than simply anime sequels, although that was the primary goal of Animeseasonguide.